“I’ve never shared this with anyone, but I feel safe with you...”

It’s an admission Dr. Colleen Hawthorne hears time and again in her practice. But the most surprising aspect, is the source …

Dr. Hawthorne consults with and coaches the leaders, visionaries, and high achievers who shape our world every day. They belong to an elite fraternity. And to the rest of the world, they seem to have everything under control.

The reality, however, for many of these elite achievers, can be very different from the public’s perception. Their true flesh-and-blood humanity is often washed-out by the bright lights of their fame. They are amazing success stories to be sure, but they are also human … And that’s where Dr. Hawthorne comes in. 

Her credentials are stellar…


•  Doctorate in Medicine – Tulane University School of Medicine
•  Past attending Psychiatrist/Team leader – Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
•  Past attending Physician, & Assistant Professor of Psychiatry - The Emory University Hospital and School of Medicine
•  Past Pilot Physician, The Court Urgent Care Clinic - The District of Columbia Superior Court




One of her most exceptional attributes may be the simple gift of making people comfortable and emotionally safe.

Dr. Hawthorne has the unique ability to put her clients at-ease and free them to let their emotions flow. That includes major high-profile achievers and the biggest success stories in the world. In fact… especially for the biggest success stories in the world!

"Most people want to know that they are heard and seen, and high achievers are no different. Yet they have very few safe spaces on which to land. I allow my clients to be vulnerable, to speak openly, to drop the mask, the status, and the spotlight, and just be."

-Colleen Hawthorne M.D.

Her experience is extensive...


•   25+ years as a physician
•   Best-selling author
•   Founder & CEO of ‘A Renewed Mind Behavioral Health, LLC’
•   Founder & CEO of ‘Vibrant C-Suite, LLC'


With Dr. Hawthorne's concierge psychiatric, consulting and coaching services, exclusive clients like yourself get the tools to achieve success beyond success… How to smash through career and personal plateaus. How to embrace and own advancing age and fading popularity. How to transform mental exhaustion into energy and excitement. And how to solve the emptiness of ‘having everything’.

Dr. Hawthorne’s groundbreaking philosophy is tailored for bold achievers… C-Suite executives, professional athletes, high-profile entertainers and entrepreneurs – they all share the same praise for Dr. Hawthorne. She has earned her reputation as The Vibrant C-Suite M.D.

However, it takes an arduous uphill trek to attain the highest peaks of success. It’s a reality that Dr. Hawthorne knows all too well. Before she became the consultant, confidant and coach for elite achievers, Dr. Hawthorne had to overcome her own life-changing obstacles. A sudden health scare and a career epiphany illuminated her life’s mission like never before.

The wisdom gained from her own experiences, helped shape her understanding of global luminaries and the challenges they face. In particular, she’s seen the toll that success can have on her clients’ spirit. Often, complete exhaustion sets-in so slowly, that by the time the problem becomes evident, the world seems to be crashing down around them. It can wreak havoc on every aspect of their lives – career, family, friends, health…

“A major part of the challenge is overcoming the mental fortitude and even the stubbornness of the high achiever. It’s vital for them to recognize that they can’t just ‘get over it,’ or simply ‘power through.’ The side effects of success and fame can be hazardous, even crippling if left unrecognized, unacknowledged and untreated.”

-Colleen Hawthorne M.D.

Her results are undeniable...


•  Contributions to who’s who list of some of the world’s most influential achievers
•  Trusted medical doctor and thought leader


Dr. Hawthorne on NBC's WBAL TV-11 with Jason Newton “We Have To Get Beyond the Stigma of Mental Health”

From the exam room to the emergency room, our health is typically characterized by our physical state. But our mental health is just as critical. As recent tragedies have seemingly been set off by a person's state of mind. Dr. Colleen Hawthorne specializes in cases that she says "solve the emptiness of 'having everything' with high achievers."



Now, Dr. Hawthorne provides life tools, systems, and inspiration for icons in every field. The result is happy, healthy, vibrant living, from cell to soul, every day. That is Dr. Hawthorne’s passion. And that is why the world’s elite trust her wisdom and praise her as the only Vibrant C-Suite M.D.

Are you ready to live with Great Life Success, Fulfillment, AND Joy? 

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