Dr. Colleen Hawthorne is the Vibrant C-Suite Life Success Consultant, Confidant and Coach to top level professionals who want high level support to elevate their clarity, vitality, wellness and integrated personal and professional life success. She provides education, tools, strategies and systems to help industry leaders to live fully, authentically, happily and vibrantly, in life and business.

In Dr. Hawthorne’s  Signature Vibrant Life Success Consulting and Coaching Programs, she draws upon her vast knowledge of emotional wellness, human behavior and mindset development.  She provides unique perspectives and keen expertise to deliver next level consulting, with stellar results.  Dr. Hawthorne clearly understands that high achieving, high profile performers, leaders and organizations need trusted advisors who makes an impact.  She provides bold actionable information, insights and guidance to drive powerful solutions to overcoming health and wellness challenges. 

To this end, Dr. Hawthorne has two consultation and coaching program offerings. The first, The Vibrant C-Suite Personal Advisory, is designed primarily to support individuals and small groups.

The Vibrant C-Suite Personal Advisory

Dr. Colleen Hawthorne, the Vibrant C-Suite Life Success Consultant, Confidant and Coach, understands the unique complexities and needs of top achieving professionals and world class achievers.  Uniquely trained and equipped, Dr. Hawthorne knows how to quickly recognize, assess, challenge and coach busy professionals who are all too often suffering silently and secretly with sadness, dissatisfaction, disappointment,  fear, exhaustion, burnout and a host of other distresses.

Recognized by high profile top performers and leaders as a trusted advisor, she knows first hand that when top achievers have the right information and the safe emotional space they need to explore, process and clarify their personal, emotional, health and wellness and life management concerns…  It’s a game changer. 

To this end, Dr. Hawthorne has long had a heart and passion for high achievers, influencers and industry leaders, understanding that they too need safe, secure soft places to land.  She understands that for people at the top professionally, finding such places is not always easy. 

Through her services and products, Dr. Hawthorne provides bold actionable information, insights and guidance to encourage, empower and challenge busy professionals to live with the joy, vibrancy and healthy personal and business life integration they desire and so richly deserve.

Consultation may address a number of challenges including:


•  Transition & Change
•  Traumatic Events
•  Grief & Loss
•  Relationships
•  Wellness & Wellbeing
•  Professional & Life-Balance


Dr. Colleen Hawthorne, M.D.  discussing "Mental Health and Suicide Prevention at Any Age" on ABC 7 & News Channel 8, Washington DC

According to the CDC, suicide is one of the leading causes of death from ages 10 to 64. And the death of fashion designer Kate Spade at 55 years old is a reminder that addressing mental health and suicide prevention is vital to any age. Concierge Psychiatric Medical Doctor Colleen Hawthorne joined us to share signs of what to look for in someone who may need help.



The second consultation and coaching program offering is, The Vibrant C-Suite Corporate Advisory. These programs and products are designed to support corporations, teams and businesses.

The Vibrant C-Suite Corporate Advisory 

Dr. Colleen Hawthorne masterfully supports C-Suite leadership teams, professionals teams and special groups, to address and manage the wellness and wellbeing needs and concerns of their members and constituents.  

Through live and virtual consulting and coaching programs and products, we support professionals to achieve and sustain optimal fulfillment, productivity, wellness, wellbeing, and elevated personal and professional success. 

Dr. Hawthorne understands the priceless value afforded to companies, teams and groups who provide wellness services for their executives, star performers and leaders.  When individuals and teams have clarity and experience optimized wellbeing, they work more effectively, show up more boldly, are happier, more energized and generative. 

Life Coaching may assist with a number of areas including:


•  Getting Rid of Life Clutter
•  Overcoming Fatigue & Burn Out
•  Creating Vibrant Relationships
•  Restoring Health & Vitality
•  Adapting to Life when the Spotlight Fades


Dr. Colleen Hawthorne, M.D.  discussing "How Success Can Affect Mental Health" on NBC 4 News, Washington DC

Pat Lawson Muse hosts a Mental Health Awareness Month special. Dr. Colleen Hawthorne, a psychiatric medical doctor and life coach, discusses how success can affect mental health.

[ Advance to 13:07 for Dr. Hawthorne's Interview ]



The Vibrant C-Suite Personal and Corporate Advisory Programs support top level professionals individually, corporately and as professional teams and special groups, helping members to soar from simply having professional success to living with phenomenally Vibrant Life Success in every domain, dimension and season of life.

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