Tim Storey

World Renowned Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach
Los Angeles, California

"Dr. Hawthorne is an influencer among the influential.  It is a privilege to have her as a consultant on my leadership team.  Wise, insightful and uniquely gifted, Dr. Hawthorne has a proven record of helping people to make impactful shifts to catapult them to living healthier, brighter and more fulfilled lives."

-Tim Storey


Marci Shimoff

Multi #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, World-renowned Transformational Teacher
San Rafael, California

"Dr. Colleen Hawthorne is a phenomenal physician, health and wellness consultant, teacher, and mentor. With a deep commitment to excellence in everything she does, Dr. Hawthorne deeply touches, enlivens, and enlightens everyone she encounters.   If you want to make a quantum leap towards a more energized and fulfilled life, I highly recommend working with Dr. Hawthorne.  If you do, you are destined for a life of greater happiness and more vibrant health."

-Marci Shimoff


Mia Redrick

Business Coach, The Mom Strategist®
Baltimore, Maryland

"Dr. Hawthorne is a dynamic, sharp and engaging speaker who provides incredible insight on living more vibrantly.  She was an amazing and inspiring panelist at the 4th Annual Time for Mom-Me Retreat."  

-Mia Redrick


Reverend Dr. Ralph Douglas West

Pastor and Founder, The Church Without Walls
Houston, Texas

Dr. Colleen Hawthorne is bringing a fresh insight into the growing and long-neglected mental health need in the church community.  As her pastor and friend, I celebrate what God is accomplishing professionally.  My special prayer is that God will continue to bless her life and reward all of her efforts.

-Reverend Dr. Ralph Douglas West


Pastor Kuna Sepulveda

Co-Pastor, Word of Life Christian Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

"As a pastor and a pastor’s wife, I felt so safe sharing my heart with her. Dr. Colleen Hawthorne has been an amazing gift to me personally! She became a caring confidant who made me feel so strengthened and encouraged by her insight and understanding. Dr. Colleen has also been a valuable Life Coach to my children, helping them to feel comfortable and confident to overcome very difficult situations.  Dr. Colleen will be a blessing to whomever she has an opportunity to work with because she is discerning, encouraging and gives true hope for change and breakthrough!"

-Pastor Kuna Sepulveda

Dr. Douglas S. Shipley

Executive Coach, Speaker, Acting Assistant Agent in Charge (Retired) Federal Bureau of Investigation
Atlanta, Georgia

"Dr. Colleen Hawthorne’s coaching gave validation to my inner voice and helped me to operationalize my goals. Over the last 25 years, my life has been blessed through my association with Dr. Colleen Hawthorne. During many conversations regarding my life, my career, and my future, Dr. Hawthorne not only provided me with invaluable insight, but a safe place for me to assess my wants, needs, and values. Dr. Hawthorne has been an authentic and tangible support system for me."

-Dr. Douglas S. Shipley

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