Infectiously enthusiastic, witty and spirited, Dr. Colleen Hawthorne is a dynamic speaker who inspires audiences to eliminate the dark areas of their lives and replace them with full, healthy, high definition living.

Dr. Hawthorne understands that even top tier achievers undergo setbacks and dark times. She connects deeply with her listeners, to empower them to shift past emotional, mental and behavioral barriers, to live with complete brilliance. She charges audiences to embrace healthy, harmonious living in every aspect of their lives - even through the tough times.

Embrace healthy, harmonious living in every aspect of your life... Whether you are:


•  Presenting in the Boardroom
•  Performing Under the Spotlight
•  Playing in the World Series
•  Writing a Best-Selling Book or Award Winning Feature Film
•  Enjoying Family Time or Spending Time with Close Friends


Speaking Topics Include:


• All the Way Vibrant! —In Life, Work and Play

• Your Health is Your Wealth —Don’t Go Bankrupt

• How to Live in the Spotlight and Avoid Getting Burned —Managing Exhaustion and Overcoming Burnout

• It Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely at the Top — Overcoming the Secret Loneliness of High Profile Living

Dr. Hawthorne's mission is to transform the lives of her audience through providing...


•  Life Affirming Encouragement and Inspiration
•  Solution-Driven Knowledge and Insights
•  Powerful Life-Navigation Principles and Practices
•  And... Actionable Strategies for Vibrant Living



Providing powerful knowledge, insights, and life-navigation practices, Dr. Hawthorne passionately inspires others to live life fully awake, fully alive and fully vibrantly!

It’s time to experience deep joy, fulfillment and vitality in every arena and season of your life!

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