Stay Wide Awake.
Play Full Out.
Show Up With Swagger.

Live Your Vibrant Life!


For over two decades, I’ve been inspiring top achievers, leaders, and performers to unleash their vibrancy and live with boldness, brilliance, and balanced success. Today, YOUR journey begins.





Are you a world class achiever… a top performer… a C-Suite leader… an icon in your industry?  Does your success seem obvious to those on the outside, but you’re just not where you want to be, or have a nagging sense that something is missing in your life?  I get it, and I’m here to help…

I’m Dr. Colleen Hawthorne. I am a C-Suite Concierge Psychiatric Medical Doctor, and Vibrant Life Success Confidant, Consultant, and Coach.  

I specialize in supporting leading performers, professionals and industry icons with navigating and managing high profile success.  

 As a veteran psychiatric-medicine physician and life success strategist, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the workings of the human body, mind, behavior and potential. I have successfully helped countless patients and clients to confront their life challenges, to achieve happier, healthier, more productive and harmonious lives.

Now, I’m dedicating my expertise to an exclusive clientele… You.



Tired. Bored.
No spark?


Here’s how you’ll benefit from our collaboration…


•  Bright, brilliant, high definition living!
•  Balanced life success!
•  Clarity, vitality, joy and vibrant health and wellness!
•  Not just some days or one of these days.  But… EVERY DAY! Now! As your lifestyle!


Its time to supercharge your life with passion and personal swag!

My Vibrant Life Success Programs provide you with the tools, strategies, and life systems to thrive as a World Shaker, History Maker, Game Changer and Powerhouse extraordinaire! Best of all, these principles will continue to serve you throughout your life for sustained success and joy-filled living.

Your Success is Unique

I understand that big achievers have unique responsibilities and challenges.

I also understand that no matter how successful you are, it’s vital to continue to up level your pursuits and goals, and maintain a lasting sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.

You deserve and can have …


•  A clear sense of purpose & direction in every season of your life
•  A clear understanding of what makes you happy & how to achieve it
•  Sustained energy & unstoppable swagger
•  Authentic, balanced fulfillment
•  AND … a clear path to the vibrant life you’ve always wanted!


This can be easier said than done. In fact, peak performers and high-profile achievers and decision makers like yourself often suffer from a sense of emptiness, depletion and malaise or even anxiety and depression.

Perhaps you’re stumped by the golden question, “what’s next?” … or perhaps success in your profession just hasn’t been as fulfilling as you hoped it would be.  

Maybe you’re suffering from what I call, “spotlight overexposure.”… that fatigue, overwhelm and loss of motivation that high profile and visibility figures can experience from always being “ON…” 

Make no mistake about it, these concerns are NOT to be dismissed or trivialized as “champagne problems.”

Everyone has the right and the ability to live fully.  This is actually your natural life design and birthright.  I’m here to help you to make the necessary shift towards enjoying the full, energized and vibrant life you were created to have.


Let's maximize your fulfillment, joy and vitality!

You deserve and are designed for…


•  Personal joy and loving self-care
•  Emotional, physical and spiritual health & wellness
•  A thriving marriage and family life
•  Meaningful, authentic personal relationships
•  Balanced professional and personal achievement
•  AND by all means, heart and soul-satisfying pleasure and play…




It's time to live your phenomenally vibrant life!

In working with me, you’ll leverage the same tools I use to inspire top achievers, performers, and leaders to greater confidence, fulfillment and vibrant health and wellness.

By the time you complete The Vibrant C-Suite System, you’ll be ready to …

Live with fresh energy and swag, and say… “I’m playing full out from now on!”

No more waiting for your personal reformation to come. With the Vibrant C-Suite System, NOW is your time to rise above self-doubt, fear and barriers and see your path clearer than ever.

You’ll Be Fully Awake and Fully Alive! You’ll Play Full Out, and Show Up with Swagger… In every domain of your life!


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