How to Stop Allowing Your High Profile Success to Keep Bankrupting Your Life

You Can Be a High Achiever and Still Have a Rich Personal, Family and Play Life!


Yes, you're a high achiever, but, you don't have to allow your success to keep bankrupting your life!

Are you secretly struggling with the heat and pressure of the spotlight? Are you dealing with silent suffering, secret aloneness or burned out energy, drive and momentum? Do you long for knowledgable, genuine, confidential support and a secure soft place to land, but don't know where to find it? 

Well, look no further. I get it!  I’m Dr. Colleen Hawthorne, M.D.  I’m a C-Suite Conceirge Psychiatrist and Vibrant Life Success Confidant, Consultant and Coach, and I'm here to support you!  

Watch this video and sign up for a complementary 20 min Strategy Session with me.  Let's explore how I might support you with living the vibrant, authentic and high energy life you desire and so richly deserve!

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