How to Stop Allowing Your Success to Keep Bankrupting Your Life


Greetings! I am Dr. Colleen Hawthorne. 

I support high achievers, top performers, professionals and industry icons, just like you, with navigating and managing your high profile success.

And, I’d love to support you if you’ve been wondering...

Who can I really trust? Who can I transparently talk to, about the overwhelm and anxiety I often feel under the relentless weight, pressure and responsibilities of my high profile life?

Maybe you’ve been been asking...

- Where can I safely share the secret sadness I feel and the emptiness of “having it all?”

- Where can I comfortably and securely drop the mask and just be? 

- Where can I have an emotionally safe place to work through the pain and drain of the spotlight overexposure and the side effects of always having to be “on”?

You may also be thinking...

- Where can I share the secret loneliness I go through, amidst the throngs of fans and followers, and fanfare and celebrity?

Listen, I get it. I hear you, and I see you clearly.

You see, as a fellow high achiever, veteran psychiatric medical doctor and leading wellness consultant who works with top level professionals, I am absolutely clear about the reality of your unmet need for genuine and trusted support. 

And, I deeply understand your unique emotional and mental health and wellness needs, and the untold longings of your heart, mind, and soul.

This is why I created the Vibrant C-Suite System, my exclusive concierge consulting and coaching services for high achieving performers. And this is why I’m so passionate about providing the high level support that our top leaders and industry greats need, and so richly deserve. 

And, I’d love to support you too!

If your interested, in chatting about how I might serve and support you, simply click the sign-up button below to apply for a 20 minute complementary consultation with me. After completing a brief application you’ll be directly connected to my calendar to schedule your call.

Indeed, I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Until then, 

Here’s to your most phenomenally vibrant life!

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