The Anatomy of Vibrant Living

What is Vibrant Living? 

Living Vibrantly means ... living life fully awake and aware, playing full out, and showing up with swagger every area of your life.  It is  living a high definition kind of life!

Every living thing is prewired and preprogrammed for vibrant living.  This includes each of us, human beings, as living creations.

When you really look at it, every living creation is divinely designed to be fully alive, to have sustained energy to optimize growth, productivity and progress.   Further, as a part of the Creator's natural design, every living thing is made to re-create or reproduce itself in order to sustain creation in the earth. 

Likewise, you are designed, prewired and programmed to LIVE fully and energetically in order to live fully and productively in every area of your life!

You are set up to Live … to Succeed …to be Vibrant!

You are divinely designed to live fully, to succeed and to enjoy vibrant living.  You have to be clear about this truth.  You were not built for just getting by, being mediocre or having just enough —no matter what you’re dealing with.  The answers and solutions to every challenge are intrinsically built into God’s original design… settling for less than is not part of that plan.

Living Vibrantly Requires Light

You are not created to live in darkness.  You are create to thrive in the light. When any living thing starts slowing, dulling, regressing, diminishing or prematurely dying, built-in, automated systems kick in to sustain or recover wakefulness, aliveness, brightness, energy, productivity and healing.  It’s a natural law.

Call to Vibrant Action 

Are you living the fully vibrant life promised to you?  If not, decide today to make a change.  What step can you make today towards positive change?  

Don't settle another day!  It’s time to live vibrantly!  

To Your Vibrant Success!

-Colleen Hawthorne, M.D.

Salt Sound Marketing